Kevin SAER LeongThis week’s guest JetShopper is veteran trend scouter and shopper extraordinaire, Kevin Leong. Having done trend forecasting for companies ranging from Payless to Motorola, Kevin knows how to shop various markets.

I caught up with Kevin on his way to work in the Garment District of Manhattan. Here’s what he has to say about shopping in Italy:

  1. Give yourself enough time to window shop before you buy. Just like anywhere else in the world, items go for different prices at different stores. If you go a block down you might find the same item for cheaper.
  2. Make sure it fits and make sure alarms are cut off. Not all stores offer refunds so make sure you have the right item before you leave the store.
  3. Be aware of conversion rate and always try to use the tax free discount. Say one store has something, another has something else. Best scenario is to find the store with most of the things you want to buy so that you can get the tax refund – it saves a significant amount of money. That’s why you need to shop around. Bigger stores like La Rinascente can make better mark downs and carry more selection.
  4. Map out the locations that you’ll be shopping starting from the furthest from your hotel to the closest. You don’t want to be walking with lots of bags because people will stare. Try to drop off bags at your hotel if possible.
  5. Take the siesta into consideration. I can’t tell you how many times I’ll be starving at the same time when it’s impossible to get something to eat.