Last night I came out of my NYC winter hibernation to celebrate Selita Ebank’s birthday the Realm boutique in SoHo. Instead of having to jet to Miami (although jetting to Miami never sounds like a bad idea!) to visit the designer spotlighted for the evening – Ema Savhal – all you have to do is visit Realm.

The birthday girl looked especially gorgeous wearing a hand-made dress by Ema Koja for her Ema Savhal line. You can buy a similar version to one Selita was wearing here on Ema’s e-commerce site.

I’ve always believed that fashion is art, and Ema takes this to another level with each piece beginning as a painting constructed on a canvas. Truly one of a kind!

With a smile like that how could Selita not be an Angel!

Me trying my hardest to strike a pose and look taller : )

But, I have to admit, my favorite part of the night was when Selita tried to teach her publicist how to do the dougie!