Richard Chai Sample Sale

Richard Chai‘s presence at his SoHo Grand sample sale preview last night made shopping for discounted runway pieces even more exciting.

The well-made women’s and men’s clothes were priced up to 90% off retail with the biggest savings on the men’s rack. I don’t usually look in the men’s section, but this embellished jacket caught my eye on my way to the make-shift fitting room. This happy purchase inspires today’s top shopping tip listed after the jump.

Richard Chai embellished jacket from the sample sale

Top Shopping Tip:

Check out both men’s and women’s sections of a sale. It only adds a few more minutes to your search and you might find an unexpected deal.

Richard Chai Sample Sale Preview SoHo Grand Hotel Main

Men's and Women's clothing at the Richard Chai sample sale

Richard Chai sample sale price list

Richard Chai sample sale price list

dresses at Richard Chai sample sale 2011

Pretty patterned dresses at SoHo Grand Richard Chai sample sale

My crystal jacket is so beautiful that I almost forgot what I’m missing in Paris this weekend!

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