Aerial view of Singapore

Style Itinerary

Reading about the opening of Tetsuya’s in the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore prompted me to reminisce about my Asia shopping trip a few months ago.

On my free evenings after attending day-long meetings at the Asia Television Forum, I would quickly explore Singapore at night. Fortunately, the city is like Manhattan in one crucial way – the stores stay open late!

To maximize my time in the small and spotless city, I did my usual research on the shopping and dining scene. However, once I got to Singapore, I realized that getting a second opinion would be crucial for maximizing my time in the right stores and neighborhoods.

Fortunately, everyone in Sing is super friendly and happy to help a local. Immediately after emailing Jo and Sarah from Singapore fashion blog WOTTON COOL, they sent me a list of stores and neighborhoods to check out.

By glancing over the stocklists listed on each store’s blog and website, I determined which stores carry local designers and narrowed the list down from there. I always look for items unique to the place that I’m visiting, so when I read that HIDE & SEEK is owned by an up and coming Singaporian designer, AND is located next door Telok Ayer, the oldest hokkian temple in Singapore, I scheduled the store at the top of my JetShopper style itinerary.

Later this week I’ll discuss what I found in HIDE & SEEK and my visit to Telok Ayer!

In the meantime, check out the gallery to the right to see some photos from my arrival to Singapore.

Top Style Itinerary Tips:

1. Try reaching out to a local blogger for shopping advice – and keep me posted on the feedback you get!

2. Check online stocklists to make sure you won’t be buying something that’s also sold in your local mall.

3. Always choose a hotel centrally located. The Ritz-Carlton was perfectly situated for the conference, and and just a quick taxi ride away from the best malls.