Chanel Mademoiselle Collection with Blake Lively

Chanel Mademoiselle

After getting an email about the Chanel Mademoiselle collection, I decided to do some research to find out if purchasing a Mademoiselle bag in France would be cheaper than in the States.

The rule is that purchasing French brands is almost always cheaper in the motherland. However, with the rising Euro I called my favorite Chanel sales associate who also moonlights as a b-girl and children’s book author – talk about diverse interests!

She helped me get the prices below. Use the currency converter widget to the right to calculate how much you save purchasing the bag in France.

Mini Satin

Small Calfskin

Small Jersey (not available in calfskin in small)

Medium Calfskin

Large Calfskin
€ 2150

Max Calfskin

As you can see, today the savings in France is just around 3%. However, when you factor in the detaxe, then you could get a significant deal. I find that applying for detaxe is easier at the grand magasins: Galleries Lafayette and Printemps. Galleries Lafayette and Printemps both have Chanel boutiques, and Printemps even advertises the 12% detaxe refund on the English version of their homepage. Bon shopping!