Trendcentral: Leaving On A Jet Plane


Today I got an email from Trendcentral about some great online services to help JetShoppers book their online travel.

Take a look at these sites and let me know if you end up using them!


Wanderfly: Similar to intuitive sites like Pandora and, Wanderfly is a new travel site that helps people book trips by planning in reverse. Instead of starting with a location, travelers select a price range, a general time frame (“Late April,” “Mid June,” etc.), and their interests (food, family, outdoors, etc.). Using that information, Wanderfly suggests destinations and develops itineraries accordingly. The site has 1,200 destinations to recommend and is growing by the day.


Hipmunk: The biggest challenge in planning a trip might be finding flights that leave one neither broke nor stranded in an airport. Instead of overwhelming site visitors with countless pages of options, Hipmunk delivers search results in a visually striking grid. An “agony” filter ranks flights based on an algorithm that places the least painful flight options at the top and hides results that the average person would never choose. (Who would really book a flight with a six-hour layover when a direct option is available for relatively the same cost?)

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