Hermes sample sale at Soffier Haskin – Pricing & Photos

Hermes enamel bracelets at Soffier Haskin sample sale

Now that I’ve finally thawed out, here’s my review of the Hermes sample sale at Soffier Haskin.

My dedicated friend Christina met me early enough this morning to be one of the first to enter the sample sale. Fortunately, we had the pleasure of waiting in line with a dapper gentleman named Daryn sporting a DYI green scarf-turned-turban to keep his bald head warm in the freezing rain. It was so cold that we literally tried to keep our hands warm by placing them in front of a recently parked car – and were so delirious that we didn’t realize people were still in it!

This sample sale was one of the most organized sales at Soffier Haskin that I’ve been to in a while. Security and Hermes staff had a huge crowd to deal with and at 8:20am the line spanned a full NYC avenue. By 8:45am there were rumors that the line passed 9th avenue.

Line outside Hermes sample sale at Soffier Haskin in NYC

In order to get us out of the cold as soon as possible, the staff accommodated early risers inside the building by starting bag and coat check ins at 8:30am. This meant that even though we were about 50 people deep in line, we could check our bags and go into the sale by 9:05am.

Success! On our way upstairs at 9:05am!

Once inside I quickly noticed that most women were huddled around the jewelry. I had my heart set on getting a large bangle (I even wore my Frey Willie ring for good luck) but after much deliberation realized that my money would be better spent on a scarf that will always fit (only size 70s were left for bangles priced 50% off retail and ranging between $215-$260).

Nice selection of Hermes enamel bangles but only for size 70

The sale runs till Sunday, so if you weren’t set on a bangle, then you’re better off waiting till the line and rain subside. Also be sure to check Racked for more updates on the sale. Good luck!

Soiffer Haskin
317 W. 33rd St. (bet. 8th & 9th Ave.)
Wednesday, September 22nd – Sunday, September 26
Wed, Fri & Sat 9am-6pm
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