Inside the 3.1 Phillip Lim Japan Relief Sample Sale

Today I had the pleasure of stopping by the Phillip Lim sample sale. Arriving at 2pm I thought I would have missed the crowd that Racked had written about earlier today. But, when it comes to shopping for a cause, women, men (and babies) will brave the lines!

Patiently waiting in line

With a combination of old school Janet Jackson mixed with some Kanye, the music to the sale was on-point, as was the merchandise. A myriad of past collections were present leaving most shoppers holding onto piles of clothing to later narrow down. I found myself more excited than usual knowing that the ENTIRE amount of my purchase would be going to the American Red Cross to aid Japan’s relief efforts. This sentiment was unanimous with shoppers in bright spirits knowing that we were all there for a collective purpose.

While in the makeshift corner fitting room, I couldn’t help but awe at this cute baby so at ease among the shopping frenzy. Her stroller was even filled with clothes! I asked the cutie’s mom if I could take of photo of her, and then later while we both happened to be at the registers we realized that we had met through mutual friends at a shopping party two years ago at Abri and Nina’s Cry Wolf. Needless to say, Phillip Lim’s first public sample sale (that didn’t have a VIP preview) brought out both newborn and veteran shoppers.

3.1 Phillip Lim Japan Relief Sample Sale

Phillip Lim Kids Clothes!

3.1 Phillip Lim Japan Relief Sample Sale

Assortment of swimwear and knits

3.1 Phillip Lim Japan Relief Sample Sale

Sequin snakeskin print trench coat

I heard they will be restocking for tomorrow, so even if you can’t get there today you will still most likely not walk away empty-handed tomorrow.

Happy shopping!