Hermes Photo Print Birkin Bag / Hong Kong Shopping

(Check back this afternoon for my 3.1 Phillip Lim Japan sample sale update)

In the meantime, still relishing over my Hermes purchase yesterday, I thought I’d share one of my best Hong Kong finds with you.

On my most recent trip to Hong Kong I stumbled across the ultimate non-Hermes Birkin bag. I had read about the Hermes photo print trompe l’oeil bags for years, but never saw one that I’d use more than an easy to forget free tote bag.

Our hosts in Hong Hong took us to a mall popular with both tourists and locals called Causeway Bay. I had wanted to check out the WrongWroks store after purchasing a tee shirt with a photo print of a pixilated Karl Lagerfeld in Paris (will post photo tomorrow).

Directly across from the temporary WrongWroks store was a cute bag shop with no name or signage. Although the store was closed, inside the window I spotted this bag and knew I needed to wait till the shop girl returned from her break to find out the price. (Most of the small shops in this mall are independently owned and therefore aren’t always open during the mall hours, and since they are run by one person at a time, the stores will be closed for lunch breaks, etc.)

After waiting with 2 other girls for 15 minutes, the shop girl returned and I haggled her down from the sale prince of $120 (the original price was $250) to just $80! I knew this was a great deal since I had seen similar bags around Hong Kong selling for $500 and up + a 6 month order wait time!

Hermes Fabric Tromp L'Oeil Birkin Bag From Causeway Bay

Hermes Fabric Tromp L'Oeil Birkin Bag From Causeway Bay

While writing this post, I just read that the company making the Hermes totes was actually sued by Hermes! Their downfall was probably that they got too much press, then Hermes got wind.

What do you think of the bags? Should companies taking advantage of another brand’s heritage be subjected to fines?

Let me know in the comments section!