Top 5 Free Travel Apps for JetShoppers

1.     KICK Map
2.     Hong Kong City Walks
3.     SIN Guidepal
4.     RATP France
5.     Bomb It


Kick Map NYC
Why: Whether you’re a tourist or a New Yorker, it’s easy to get lost on the subway. And when you’re jetting from store to store, you need to strategically map the stores you’ll visit.

SIN Guidepal

singapore guidepal

Why: Used it every day in Singapore! Not only does it include great destination suggestions, it also includes a helpful map listing shopping areas, restaurants and bars.

Hong Kong City Walks Self Guided Walking Tours

Why: On my last trip to Hong Kong, I finally made it to both Victoria Peak and the world’s tallest sitting Buddha at Ngong Ping. This app will not only give useful directions, but if you don’t speak Cantonese, it will even translate simple phrases for you like – Please take me here!


Why: Even Parisians carry their Paris Pratique to find tiny streets. This app will help you navigate the subways.

Bomb It

Why: Take a photo of the street art you see on your travels!