MacarOn Cafe: A Taste of Paris in NYC (Part Deux)

MacarOn Cafe

MacarOn Cafe @ 59th Street

With macaroons on my mind, I strolled over to the MacarOn Cafe located near Central Park on 59th and Madison.

When the line of macaroon-hungry patrons (running the span of the long entrance way) subsided, I spoke briefly with one of the employees and learned that at this location Dark Chocolate and Pistachio are the most requested flavors, Kim Cattrell visited last week, and the On Location Gossip Girl Bus Tour makes a stop there every week!

I have to admit that I’m still a GG fan, so I know Blair gets her macaroons from Ladaurée- and not MacarOn Café. But, since there is no Ladaurée in the U.S. (and they opted not to visit Fauchon in the Plaza), MacarOn Café stepped up to the plate.

MacarOn Cafe Flavors

Pistachio & Dark Chocolate

MacarOn Cafe Flavors

MacarOn Cafe Gift Boxes


The 59th Street location seems to keep their macaroons at a slightly colder temperature than 36th Street. Now that they’ve warmed up a bit, this box might be empty by tomorrow!

The roses will last longer than these macaroons!