Vintage Chanel Jewelry Available At Loehmann’s 4/18-4/20

I finally checked my mail last night and was surprised to get a flyer announcing the 3-day appointment-only vintage Chanel jewelry sale going on now at Loehmanns!

Unfortunately, I can’t make it there tonight, but will report back after my appointment tomorrow – the final day…

** JetShopper Update **

I spoke to Loehmann’s UWS personal shopper, Madeline Ruiz de Jesus, and she said that they still have a nice selection left. Had they sent an email announcing the sale (or even just included it on their website) they might have gotten a higher turnout. That said, the following pieces remain:

Earrings (priced at around $350)

Necklaces (averaging around $1,200)

Bracelets (only 2 left priced around $1,200)

Chain belts (priced between $1,200 – $2,400)

Still pricey, but, if you’re a Diamond or Gold Member – you get an extra 10% off… and if it happens to be your birthday you get 15% off. Chanel does make the best birthday gift – even if you’re buying it for yourself!

My appointment is not till after work, and after today the goods get sent to an undisclosed location. If you happen to get there before me, let me know if you see anything I should leave work early for : )


Vintage Chanel Jewelry at Loehmanns

Vintage Chanel Jewelry at Loehmanns

To Schedule An Appointment to View the Chanel Vintage Jewelry:

Contact Madeline Ruiz de Jesus
(212) 882-9990 x 223