Yigal Azrouel Sample Sale – Review of Employee Preview

Yigal Azrouel Sample Sale

Past season demin leather jacket just $200

A fellow JetShopper stopped by the Yigal Azrouel employee preview today. She was immediately overjoyed when she saw the price list – tops for $50, dresses for $125, leather for $200

But, then reality set in at the register. Since the sample sale officially starts tomorrow, the staffers haven’t finished the price list for items from the current season – items which comprise the majority of the selection. If you go today, be sure to confirm prices for the current season. A cardigan that a JetShopper thought was $75 turned out to be $270, and a top she thought was $50 was $116. But, this gorgeous denim and leather jacket is from past seasons ago and now only $200 (down from $980)!

In the end she didn’t leave empty-handed, but a few items had to go back on the racks since we all need to save for Louboutin!

**Be sure to check back on Wednesday to read my review of the Louboutin sample sale which opens to the “public” on Thursday**

Unlike the women’s section, the selection of menswear was more sparse than in previous sample sales with just one dedicated rack. If you’re looking for gifts for your boyfriends run over before the rack is empty, and remember to wear clothes good for trying things on top of since there are few mirrors and little private space.

Check out some of the pics below.

JetShopper tip: If the inventory number starts with a 5 or 6, assume that it is a current piece and therefore more expensive than the past season price list.