Me and Karl Lagerfeld on the Same Day, Different Country, Two Years in a Row

Karl Lagerfeld accepts Gordon Parks Award

Karl Lagerfeld accepting Gordon Parks Award

Last year my boyfriend and I flew to Paris for my birthday. Our first stop was Colette where he almost bumped into Karl Lagerfeld while browsing the same men’s rack.  Fresh off the plane in sneakers but armed with my birthday Chanel bag,  I introduced myself to Karl (en français) and we took a photo together. Last night I celebrated my birthday sitting a table adjacent to renaissance man at the Gordon Parks Awards Dinner and Auction.

From the two pics below, you’d think we’d become besties over the course of the year. I re-introduced myself (en français), and after we took another photo, he gave me a special handshake that was a combination of a palm-to-palm clasp finished off with a lingering lock of our fingers. When his leather grip released I felt like I had been blessed by the God of fashion.

Best. Birthday. Ever. (again!).

2010 @ Colette

What a difference a year makes!

Me and Karl at the Gordon Parks Foundation Dinner 2011

2011 @ Gotham Hall