Versace Editor’s Preview on 51st & Fifth Avenue

After class I stopped by the Versace x H&M press party preview at the 51st and Fifth Avenue store to find plenty of leggings and very few dresses. Leather pieces were completely depleted, so if you’re looking for the most popular items, best to get in line now.

With at least 50 people camping out around the block at 10pm, tomorrow is sure to be just as crazy as the openings around the world. Let’s just hope no one’s as crazy as the woman in Hong Kong who cut the line and then sent the store security guards to the hospital!

Versace H&M Press Preview New York

Versace H&M New York Press Preview Ambiance

Versace H&M Stampa Dress Display

Plenty of these Stampa Dresses left

Versace H&M Fringe Skirts and Tops

Versace H&M Fringe Skirts and Tops

If you plan on going tomorrow, try not to break the bank on this collection. While I fully support owning a few of your favorite pieces (got the leggings, a skirt, scarf, and a pair of H&M regular collection leggings), remember, Christmas is coming — along with great sales at the big department stores.

H&M Versace New York Opening

$1402.56 !!? Hope the woman in front of me wears everything she bought.

Versace H&M Press Preview Party

The packed party dwindled down by 9:30pm while the line outside grew

Versace H&M Press Preview Party

The line forming at H&M's 51st & Fifth Avenue Location

Versace H&M Press Preview Party

Line stretches down 51st Street