Neiman Marcus Chanel Delivery to Last Call Locations in Florida, Texas, California and New York

In case you didn’t get your Christmas Chanel at the Chanel End of Year sale, I have good news. Starting (and most likely ending) tomorrow, Last Call (Neiman’s chain of outlets) will have a designer handbag sale across the U.S. — and will include Chanel.

I spoke to a sales associate at Last Call in Deer Park, NY who confirmed they have around 30 bags, 1 purse wallet, and jewelry. While she wasn’t able to confirm all prices, she did say that the red leather purse wallet will be available for $1200.  Since the purse wallet retails for $1600, I’m guessing the discounts will be around 25%, not a lot, but close to the 30% off at the Chanel end of year sale.

One thing this sale promises to offer that most department and Chanel stores did not, is a selection of classic styles and colors. Small, medium and large bags in black, tan, beige, bronze and red will be available from $2,000 to $4,000.

Last Call at Deer Park Tanger Arches opens at 9am and the other special delivery locations include Miami (FL), Bonita Springs (FL), Orlando (FL), Allen (TX), Katy (TX), and Cabazon (CA). One bag limit per customer and the sale also includes Gucci and Prada.

Let me know in the comments section if you get anything! Bon shopping!

Neiman Marcus Chanel Sale at Last Call