Super Shoppers Pack the Theory Store for Runway to Win 2012 hosted by Scarlett Johansson and Anna Wintour

While Rachel Roy and Russell Simmons competed for the title of most spotted designs (they outfitted all male and female staffers), the best dressed award of the night, would undoubtedly go to (surprise, surprise) Anna Wintour.

Dressed in head to toe tangerine, Wintour accessorized her outfit with what I now believe is the best bet on the Runway to Win site — a paisley printed orange with black, blue and gold accents, square Thakoon scarf. Her perfect folds made me recall the Hermes book, Le Carre Hermes, that years ago was available for free in the Hermes store in Paris (all you had to do was mention the book, and they would give it to you! Now you can either buy it used on eBay or invest $600 for the updated version).

After Anna, Scarlett Johansson, and Jim Messina gave their speeches, the fashionable crowd of Obama supporters got ready to show their support – by swiping their credit cards. Outside of the crowded shopping station, Joan Smalls (who attended with Prabral Garung) stopped to snap a pic with Kevin Leong and Change (not Bo!).

Kevin Leong, Joan Smalls & Change

I also tried to get Anna to take a pic with Change not realizing that she already had! So I quickly took Change’s spot and here are are!

another moment when I would have been happy to have just been in the background of this shot!

Here’s a pic of the designers on stage at the beginning of the party. Big thanks to my friend Kate for snapping pics all night!

Runway to Win 2012 Obama Anna Wintour

The Runway to Win Designers

Runway to Win 2012 Obama Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy looking radiant in her Runway to Win tee shirt