Top 5 Shopping Tips for Shopping in Hong Kong

This tee sums it all up. Shopping is serious business for anyone who visits or lives in Hong Kong.

Shopping is a sport in Hong Kong

From resale shops like Milan Station featuring an array of Chanel and Hermes, to the luxury malls like IFC, to shopping arcades like Island Beverly, and even in the subway (Japanese department store Sogo extends into Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay MTR stop), shopping in HK is simply inescapable.

Besides some basic haggling skills, here are some tips that will prepare you for the best Hong Kong shopping experience.

1. No try-ons
Don’t be surprised if you ask to try something on and the shop person shakes his/her head. For delicate items like custom made blazers, tight fitting leggings, and sale items, shop workers often do not allow try-ons. However, if you ask politely they will sometimes make exceptions.

Georgous Moiselle dress on display

2. One size fits small
The best way to prepare yourself for shopping in HK is to know that if you are a size 6 in the US, you are probably a size L in Hong Kong. That means that when an item is “one size fits all” or “free size” as they like to call it, it will likely not fit you. I’m between a 4 and 6 and was happier this shopping trip than ever before, because I came to terms with this sizing reality. I actually started to go into stores and immediately ask for the largest size of something I liked. No time to waste trying to fit into something that’s too small – there’s more shopping to get to!

3. No photos
Snapping pics takes quick skills in HK shops.

4. Surprise sample sale!
Since so many brands are manufactured here, it’s common to go into a local shop and find a designer sample mixed in with a bunch of no name items. From Fendi to Prada, keep your eyes open for seriously discounted designer goods.

5. Location, location, location
While it goes without saying that shop owners need to make their profits to pay for overhead and the normal costs of running a business, nowhere is this more apparent than in HK. You could literally see the same hat in two stores in the same mall, and the hat in the larger store in a premium location will cost much more than the same hat in a smaller store in the back of the mall.

Coming soon – Top shopping arcades