Cracking the Bergdorf Goodman Chanel Sale

Bergdorf Goodman Chanel Sale 2012

An empty Chanel at BG

While my fellow super shoppers were waiting in line bright and early for the 60% off post-Christmas sale at Saks, I attempted to crack the code to the infamous Bergdorf Goodman annual winter Chanel sale. Almost as elusive as the Chanel sample sale (my friend Joane has legendary stories of $100 bags), BG’s Chanel sale promised to have 40% discounts on classic bags that never go on sale.

Over the past few weeks I’ve combed online chat rooms reading about and seeing photos of Chanel sale bags from BG. From classic reissues (in a bevy of colors) to WOCs, and even the Cerf tote (yes, I know I probably have too much of my brain dedicated to Chanel) – the BG sale proved to be a Chanelophile’s dream – literally.

Although I heeded warnings of BG Chanel SA’s putting aspiring purchasers on hold for upwards of an hour, then hanging up on them after scorning them for inquiring about a sale, I decided to give it a try. After 15 minutes on hold, I hung up.

Then today, in the flurries of our first post-Christmas storm, I strolled over to BG with Kevin and Change. Next to Change in her cute pink hoodie we purchased in Paris, I found solace thinking: “Who could lie when in the presence of such cuteness?” – the entire Chanel staff at BG could.

Chanel sale 2012

Are Chanel sale bags hiding here?

Granted, my healthy Chanel collection has been purchased around the world and not exclusively at BG, so I don’t have a SA that I consider family. Instead I found a bevy of BGs aka Bag Grinches. Here’s the rundown of what transpired:

  • Arrived to the 1st floor Chanel section of BG where a SA told me there were no sale items and that Amanda (was referred to her from a friend) was not in.
  • Called BG and asked for Amanda. Told Amanda was on the phone and to call back in 5 minutes.
  • Called back 5 minutes later and told Amanda was not in but to speak to Lindsay.
  • Saw a SA in a different part of the store ringing up a Chanel bag. Asked if he knew Lindsay and was told to go to the second floor Chanel section.

Once I arrived on the 2nd floor, I was asked series of questions: Who’s Lindsay? Amanda doesn’t work here anymore. Are you looking for the stock room?  The a glazed-faced SA graciously allowed me to use her phone to dial the extension for the alleged “Lindsay” from Chanel.

Quelle chance! “Lindsay” answers, describes her outfit, and tells me to meet her on the first floor. We covertly meet in the side room and she tells me she has have lots to show, but she just needs to get the key to open the room where the glorious holy grail of Chanel sale bags are locked.

Bergdorf Goodman Chanel Sale 2012

Change at Chanel

10 photos of Change later (BG shoppers love a cute Pomeranian) she returns empty-handed and stutters that all those bags she just mentioned – well, they’re now gone. Guess Santa likes his cookies with CC.

I give her the benefit of the doubt as I write down my phone number in case anything gets returned. Then as I start to leave, I overhear another SA telling a customer that she had photos of sale bags on her iPhone, but to come back because they don’t want anyone else to see…

I’m happy to say, I’ve finally gotten the Chanel crazies out of my system now. My bank account avoided the contagious five C’s – Coco Chanel Credit Card Cardiac after the run-around made me lose my appetite for BG. If you want a Chanel bag on sale, get it from Saks, Bloomingdales, Neimans, or even Last Call. Unless your BFF works at Chanel, it’s too much of a time commitment to turn a BG Sales Associate into Santa’s Angels. As Coco said:

Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.


There is a time for work, and a time for love. That leaves no other time.
– Coco Chanel

Hope you got some of what you wanted, and more of what you needed for Christmas : )

Key Code
SA = Sales Associate, Santa’s Angel
BG = Bergdorf Goodman, Bag Grinch
WOC = Wallet on Chain
Quelle chance! = What luck!