One Super Shuttle ride (my friend KiKi reminded of this cost saving way to get to Newark airport, I’ll take a $25 shuttle vs. an $85 taxi when HK shopping is at hand), a 5 hour delay in Vancouver, and an Air Canada flight later, I’m back in Hong Kong!

Air canada Hong Kong

After checking into the hotel at 8pm, showering and snacking on some Din Tai Fung (so good this place deserves its own post) leftovers Kevin graciously left me, I still had time to hit up a local shopping arcade – Granville Circuit.

Hong Kong Arial view

Having experienced the disappointment of making a happy purchase, then finding the same item for less minutes later in another store, I decided to do some window shopping – or comme les francaises dites, fait du leches vitrine.

You see, after haggling, shopping the market is another shopping artform that makes Hong Kong exciting but tricky to navigate. Here are my first two purchases.

Hong Kong shopping trip

Next stop, Lai Chi Cook. Even some locals don’t know about this place!