Worn by celebrities including Katy Perry, CuteCircuit Haute Couture epitomizes tech fashion. With one of the founders a former handbag designer at Valentino, and the other an autodidact engineer, this dynamic duo is poised to finally empower fashionistas to literally communicate with their clothing (some pieces can even interact with the wearer via hashtag).

Fast Company has a great interview with both founders where Fransesca Rosella tells the story of being inspired by learning about an electromagnetic thread she envisioned using to enable a built-in GPS to prevent anyone from ever loosing their bag. When her team at Valentino didn’t bite at the idea, she decided to learn how to do it by going back to school — but not any school, the Italy Interactive Design Institute at IVREA (fortunately she got there before it closed down in 2005).

By incorporating luxurious fabrics and materials including silk taffeta, chiffon, and Swarovski (including the beautiful Aurora Borealis*) with LED technology, CuteCircuit shows just how far we’ve come since Rudy stole $2.30 to get her LED fish sweater (approx. 3 mins. in):

Here’s a clip with Katy Perry wearing the K-Dress which is already available for purchase on their site. More designs will be available mid-November so start saving… your bitcoins!

* I worked with this Swarovski crystal for Kevin’s Origami fashion show at the Samsung Experience. The crystals resemble a mini chandelier and was named after Aurora the Roman Goddess of the dawn who flies across the sky every morning to announce the arrival of the sun.